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2. The first record of Albino Chital in Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Odisha.
From Dt.07 May 2015 to Dt.07 May 2015
Sighting of albino chital fawn On 05 June, 2014 one of us (RNP) sighted and recorded on video the presence of an albino fawn of Chital deer (Axis axis) in Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Odisha, India. It was 1740 hrs and the sun was about to set. The fawn was in a herd of 13 deer that were in normal spot deer and colour. The herd comprised of seven adult females, 3 adult males and three normal fawns. The antlers of males were at the velvet stage measuring 3-4” high. The herd of chital was observed at Kantarsingh water-harvesting- structure (WHS) on a grassy patch near the watch tower. The place is located on 20 38’7” N and 84 68’ 26” E under Labangi Section of Pampasar Forest Range.