Forest and Environment Department
Govt. of Odisha
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Visitors Must Know

The Satkosia Tiger Reserve is a protected area under the Wildlife Protection Act,1972 and other provisions of law.

The nature camps at Tikarpada/Purunakote and Forest Guest Houses are located within the Satkosia Tiger Reserve. Loud noise will cause disturbances to the tranquility of the ecosystem and will disturb wild animals and hence it is an offence.

Teasing or molesting of any wild animal or littering the grounds of the tiger reserve is an offence.

Setting up of fire to the tiger reserve or kindle any fire or leave any fire burning in the reserve is an offence.

Entering the tiger reserve with any weapon is an offence.

Use of any chemicals, explosive or any other substances which may cause injury to any wild animal is an offence.

Collection or removal of any animal/forest produce or within the tiger reserve is an offence.